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What the members have to say...


Henry, 25

I've been training here for nearly a year and this is an awesome gym. Plenty of equipment and some nice little extras such as belts, dip belts and resistance bands. The dumbbells go nice and heavy and there are three squat racks! A separate room houses the majority of the machines and there are two variants of cable machines for flys, extensions and what not. the gym is situated beneath the train track and there is a great atmosphere. The people are friendly and the culture within Physical Culture is awesome!


Vesi, 42

I have been going here for a few months only , but have achieved results I have been longing for for decades. Professional equipment, great people, friendly atmosphere. The owner Chris has 30+ years of experience and knows his stuff!


Mark, 46

One of my favourite gyms in the UK. Plenty of free weights and the best machines around (MedX and Nautilus). friendly staff and the clientele who are serious about their training without the attitude that sometimes comes with that.


Sharon, 44

A great gym for all the reasons staed by others but also for being a stand out in encouraging women in strength training; owner Chris and clients alike provide consistent, friendly support and advice. We even have a hip thruster!


Stefan, 26

If Carlsberg did gyms... you really can't ask for more out of your gym. Incredible equipment, fantastic atmosphere, ample room, flexible opening times, fitness events and extremely friendly staff that will try to fill in any request. Real weights with character and above all a family feel with great people doing great workouts. 

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