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Why learn weightlifting at PC?

Firstly, as London's premier strength training gymnasium we have superior equipment. In fact, our bars and plates are Olympic Games standard, as certified by the International Weightlifting Federation. For weightlifting, you really need the right tools for the job, without them, it will feel awful. We take this seriously!

Secondly, James Daley MSc, our weightlifting coach, is an international standard competitor, he last competed in the Pan American Games (2022) for Team Jamaica. Rarely will you find anyone more qualified. This is not a keep fit class, this is real weightlifting, coached by a competitive weightlifter, not just some personal trainer.

Thirdly, as the workshop groups are small, no one is left behind, learning is enhanced. Additionally, this helps build a sense of community.

Who are the classes for?

The classes are in the form of workshops, suitable for beginners and intermediates, James has coached beginners to national level. Perhaps you caught the weightlifting bug through the popularity of Crossfit, you may now feel it's time to learning weightifting skills properly, in which case, these sessions are perfect.

What will I learn?

You will learn the fundamentals of weightlifting training:

Session 1: Snatch 

Session 2: Clean 

Session 3: Front squat 

Session 4: Back squat

Session 5: Weightlifting pulls

Session 6: Putting it all together

How are the classes taught?

These highly practical classes are delivered weekly to groups of no larger than six.

What will I be able to do by the end of the course?

These workshops will have taught you the fundamentals of weightlifting.

Are there any prerequisites?

The only pre-requisite is an interest in weightlifting! 

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