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The gym, whilst located under a railway arch, is surprisingly spacious at nearly 3000 sq feet. We've made maximum use of this space while retaining enough space for all types of lifting in a safe and pleasant environment.

Powerlifitng, olympic weightlifitng barbells and plates

Physical Culture has the largest selection of free weights and Powerlifting equipment of any gym in London. From the highest quality Olympic and Powerlifting barbells to speciality barbells, thick handled dumbbells, grip training as well as bands, chains and boards . We just love Eleiko Barbells and plates and we have tonnes of them for you to love too. All loved weights get returned to racks - Share the love.

Nautilus and MedX gym equipment perfect for bodybuilding, strength training

We love barbells and we love good machines which is why we buy the best we can. Unlike business merely set up to make money we do not purchase poorly designed equipment because it is offered as the best package deal, we buy the best available. Our Machines are some of the finest available and many are of a vintage quality irreplaceable in todays throw-away budget driven market. You will find  qualty names  like  Nautilus  Hammer Strength and Medx. These have stood the test of time and unlike much of the gimmicky new stuff you will find in most other gyms these are designed to be effective, safe and comfortable to use with full instructions and easy adjustment of weight.


If you like using Barbells you're going to love our power racks. We only use thick gauge metal racks with plenty of room to move so you can lift in safety and feel comfortable when you're pushing your self to improve.

Flimsy small racks just don't inspire the confidence you need to concentrate on improving - which was the point you chose to get under the bar in the first place.


Lift that weight with confidence. Grab your favourite Eleiko Powerlifting Bar, slide on the  plate that will be within hands reach of the Rack and in the back of your mind you will know you are using the best equipment money can buy - feel reassured and just focus on the exercise. Just hit your goal.


Rogue power rack with belt squat attachment
accessory strength training and powerlfiting equipment resistance bands and chains

 You will find plenty of accessories and specialty items in our extensive arsenal of equipment. There are all manor of devices to provide variation and unique twists to help keep you improving.


There is never an excuse to not find new challenges here and the choices are really only limited to your imagination - You can constantly find ways to tweak the basics to break homeostasis or allow you to work around personal limitations for rehabilitation or pre-habilitation.



competition powerlifting equipment, competition bench press, ER powerlifting combo rack (squat stand, competition bench press)

We have Benches by ER Equipment , SportsKraft International and Rogue Fitness. International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) legal Bench Press Stations. Specially imported items from SportsKraft, ER and Rogue Fitness that we just had to have. These are just the nicest design Benches we have had over the years. Not only do they tick all the boxes for strength safety with the head and neck protectors and large oversized bar catchers, they also have the nice little touches that make using more pleasurable, like built in jacks to alter the start height for different size users, without unloading the bar each set. Fat Pad for larger Lifters shoulder health. They have  'gripper' vinyl that helps lock you into a solid, non-slip position and catchers that roll the bar towards the lifter for ease of bar exit to the start position. Combine that with the large oversized back of the catchers which means the bar can get back to the rack quickly when you need it to. These are awesome Benches obviously  made by people who lift weights. 

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